Halo 2 Vista multiplayer petition

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Halo 2 Vista multiplayer petition

Post  SmG Hawk on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:52 am

I haven't been on here for a while, so what's up guys?

To switch gears ever so slightly, we’re sad to report that the service end-date for Halo 2 PC Multiplayer will be February 15, 2013. We’ve been monitoring the population for months, and it’s been peaking consistently at approximately 20 players or less. Those that own this game can continue to enjoy Multiplayer over LAN after that date; however our network services will be turned off at that time. We love you, Halo 2 PC, and you will live forever in our hearts.


I'm just passing on the message, can you guys please sign the petition.


 -  SmG Hawk
SmG Hawk
SmG Hawk

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Halo 2

Post  SwordFish on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:03 pm

I stopped playing halo 2 mainly for the fact I couldn't find anyone on-line what so ever. I thought maybe my game was broken. Sure I'll sign the petition. Smile

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Damn this sucks

Post  «ToH»Break on Thu Jan 24, 2013 11:22 am

hopefully halo ce/pc will never turn out like this, will sign it now

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I love it...

Post  «ToH»Tank on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:22 am

Ahhh, I like this game! Lets save it... confused confused

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Re: Halo 2 Vista multiplayer petition

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